Grow your restaurant business with RUDDY

Today consumers pay close attention to their diet, fitness and health.


Ruddy uses the latest diet-trends among consumers to attract them to your restaurant and grow your business.

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what is Ruddy?

Ruddy is a mobile app that connects your restaurant with customers based on popular diet and health-trends.

For example: if a customer wants a vegan dish with 750 calories, Ruddy shows him/her all the dishes in your restaurant that are vegan and contain more or less 750 calories.

opportunity for your restaurant

So far, marketing for restaurants has been focused on price and discounts. This hurts your profit margins, specially during the crisis.


With Ruddy, you will be able to target consumers based on their personal diet, health and lifestyle.


of consumers spend more on food that match their diet. Technomic


of consumers are starting a healthy diet after covid-19. FMCG Gurus


tool to attract the growing healthy-conscious consumers.

why partner with Ruddy?

With RUDDY, you will get access to special tools to help you grow your restaurant business.

Expand your business


access to valuable data

take your restaurant business online

restaurants working with ruddy

how to get started

Ruddy is a new and unique concept in the restaurant industry and everyone who has seen our platform is very excited about it. You can increase your sales in three easy steps:


contact us for a meeting and tell us a little bit about your restaurant.


in 30-45 min we calculate the nutritional values of your dishes and place your menu on our app.


turn on your tablet and start to receive orders.

become a ruddy partner today

frequently asked questions

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